Our Process
We use best practices and proven methodologies
to achieve high results and deliver exclusive service.
Diving deep in your business
Everything starts with a thorough industry research and competitor analysis. We use only data-driven approach while setting campaign goals and important KPI's.
Research and data analysis
We make a comprehensive audit of your website and Google Analytics, as well as existing advertising platform accounts to find out where your traffic comes from, what metrics could be optimized and what channels your business would benefit from the most.
Strategy planning and account structure building
After we finalized campaign goals and chose the most efficient channels, our account managers will provide you with a comprehensive strategy plan with all the steps of the campaign and its expected metrics as well as account parameters.
Campaign execution
and delivery
Usually we start with a testing period that allows us to discover the most beneficial targeting options and audience insights. After that, we can focus on profitable segments to increase conversion rate and reduce cost per lead or launch a retargeting campaign.
Results analysis and reporting
Our team provides weekly or monthly reports on the gained results and metrics. We use scripts and industry proven software for data analysis to optimize campaign goals or create new ad copies.
Further maintenance
and scaling
After the first month of the campaign launch, you will get a strong foundation of a profitable advertising campaign ready for scaling. We will be able to test new ad formats and users to help bring your business to the next level.
Teamedia supports you in each stage of the advertising campaign and provides its guidance and advice. No matter if you are just considering an option of launching a campaign and need it to be designed from scratch, or you have already been running ads but are not happy with the results, we are here to become your long-term partner. Our team will address your specific business needs to result in closing more deals, getting higher media covering, or increasing your brand awareness.
Find out how partnering with Teamedia can help you achieve tangible business results.