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Forma Documentation
  1. If you're not already on the "All Pages" screen, click the "All pages" button in the left nav.
  2. At the top-right of the All Pages screen, click "Upload an Unbounce Page" button.
  3. Click "Choose File" and find on your hard drive the Forma.unbounce file you'd like to upload.
  4. Wait 1 minute and refresh the page.
  5. Forma Template should now be uploaded as a new page into your "All Pages" screen.
Install Forma template
Get Started
You can easily sort icons by the name. In addition, you can also search for a particular icon by filtering your library. To find out how simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open a "Child" page or any other page in the Editor.
  2. Either double click an existing icon, or drag the image icon onto the page to open your Media Library.
  3. Click "Upload new images" button and find the "icons" folder on your computer.
  4. Choose specific icons you want to upload or hit Control + A and select all of them.
  5. Wait for 5-7 minutes while the images are uploading.
You can easily filter your library by typing the name of the icon in the Filter textbox.

Install Icons
Forma has a huge amount of categories with clearly designed blocks, which you can use to build your page: headers, footers, navigation, pricing, team, testimonials and so on.

All categories are presented as page variants, so you can easily switch between them.

We created a blank page called "Child", so you can place all blocks there at first.
Forma structure
1. Select a category and open a page variant to preview the blocks.
2. Simply click on the block you want and press Ctr + C on your keyboard to copy it.
3. Go to the "Child" page or any page you like.
4. Click on the block you want your block to appear above and press Ctr + V to paste the block.
Thats it!

You can insert blocks between existing ones by dragging it between them. Also you can drag blocks up and down to rearrange them on the layout.To delete a block simply click on it and press "delete" on your keyboard.
Adding blocks
Page Creation
Images and icons are crucial to your landing page design. Luckily, they're quick and easy to manage.

Double click an existing icon or image to change it.

If you choose an image that's not exactly the same dimensions as the one you're replacing you'll be asked if you'd like to "Scale the Image to Fit" or "Don't Scale."

1. For Icons, we recommend choosing "Scale the Image to Fit" option.
2. For Images, you can click on the image and in the right menu find its resolution. Crop an image with the same resolution in Photoshop or any other Editor and simply replace it with "Scale the Image to Fit" option.

You can use this free online image editor tool:

Read more about image editing:
Changing Icons and Images
In this 4 minute video, you can see how easily you can
create any landing page with Forma from scratch.
Landing page example
To link to a specific element of the menu or any other element on a page you need to know the "id" of that element.

In the Unbounce page builder, you can find the "id" of an element by first selecting the element that you want to link to, and then look for the "Element Metadata" section under its "Properties" in the right side pane.

In-order to link to this element, the URL would be the published page URL for your target Unbounce page plus the element id e.g.

Adding anchors and internal links
Page Tips
Forma Template includes open and "on button" lead capture forms.

We recommend to create a "thank you page" and set up a redirect after a successful form submission.
You can put any pixel (Google AdWords, Facebook etc.) to the thank you page to collect conversions.

Read more:

Lead capture form
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