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We work with companies around the world.
Our clients come in all shapes and sizes -
from startups, to international enterprises.
AgileCRM — One of the leading sales & marketing SaaS CRM for small businesses.
SaaStr — The world's largest community of SaaS executives, founders, and entrepreneurs.
Octopus Cloud — The first worldwide KPMG certified Microsoft SPLA reporting tool.
Flosum — End-to-end Salesforce application lifecycle management software.
Drupalize.Me — The world's leading Drupal training service offering online courses.
Yondo — B2B SaaS offering on-demand live online sessions & videos.
Quickpass — Identity security & password software for MSPs and IT departments.
Pleexy — Task & productivity management automation tool.
Invoice Simple — Fast and easy iOS & Android app to send invoices, quotations, and estimates for SMEs.
Cooladata — A platform that enables an alternative to self-developed analytics solutions.
Eyefactive — The first B2B AppStore for XL Touchscreens and Interactive Digital Signage.
Lucy Security AG —Cybersecurity platform boosting companies' IT-defenses.
Roundforest — Data-driven suite of tools to assist and improve online shopping experience.
DentalSave — Subscription service offering a wide network of over 8,000+ dental care providers.
Stackd — Hiring and job hunting app offering digital hiring experience.
Data Dwell — High-performance sales enablement platform for Salesforce clients.
Flyability — Company building drone solutions for the inspection, exploration of inaccessible spaces.
Find out how partnering with Teamedia can help you achieve tangible business results.
Catherine Paganini
Head of Marketing at Kublr
We've worked with Teamedia for about a year. They truly understand Google Ads and have improved our paid traffic and conversions significantly. They know what they are doing, are reliable, and passionate about their work. You can tell there is a strategy behind each campaign, it's all based on data. They are professional, optimize campaigns to better suit our focus and continuously try new approaches to improve results. On the account management side, communication has been excellent. We get monthly progress reports outlining goals, results, and what will be tested the following month. In short, I always felt well taken care of. The team has made a great effort to keep us happy and I have no doubt they'll do the same for you.
Alan Park
SaaS Entrepreneur and FluentU Founder
I've had the great pleasure of having Teamedia help us with our Google and Apple ads. Yuri and his team are extremely thoughtful and capable. They deliver big insights without losing track of the details that are required for success with paid ads. Unlike other consultants and agencies who talk a big game but don't have much to show for it, Teamedia delivers results. The team is also very open to feedback and learning about your company's situation, rather than delivering a cookie cutter approach. If you have a chance to work with Teamedia, take it! You won't regret it.
Oliver J. P. Osborne
Customer Success & Marketing APAC at Yojee
I have been working with Teamedia for over a year, and I have been very happy with the service they provide. They respond to feedback and direction quickly, and are great communicators. I would recommend them for anyone looking to outsource their PPC activities.
Vincent Thilly
Head of Marketing at ipan/Delegate
Great work! They know what they are doing and are very professional. We saw dramatic improvements in our CPC and conversion rates in just 3 months.
Steve Kiernan
CEO at Pointman
Teamedia are without a doubt some of the best people we've worked with. We've worked with them a few times, and they have been fantastic each time. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants great PPC results. We were very impressed with the level of detail and skill that went into our work together. Communication is always detailed and thoughtful, expectations are clear, and the results were exceptional. I wouldn't hesitate recommending Teamedia to anyone and we'll work together again without question. Great work!
Jake Camacho
Director of Growth at Keepme
We engaged Teamedia to help build and manage our startup's PPC campaigns. They took the time to understand our business, communicated extremely well, were professional throughout the entire project, and demonstrated a very strong grasp of PPC. Even though paid search did not give us the yield we were looking for and we ended the project, I would not hesitate to recommend this team to anyone in search of a PPC experts.